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Concept, Inspiration, Refinement, Made in Romania


Concept, Inspiration, Refinement, Made in Romania


Concept, Inspiration, Refinement, Made in Romania


Concept, Inspiration, Refinement, Made in Romania



Elmas is a 100% Romanian company, seated in Brașov, with a large network of branches in the country. With over 30 years’ experience in the field of lifting equipment, we are specialists in the design and manufacture of a diversified range of 100% customized elevators, according to the client’s application.

We have the capacity to develop products of quality integrated throughout the entire flow, from conception, production, assembly to expedient service. These include the new CIRRO "A" electric elevator designed for high energy efficiency in operation and compliant with the latest safety regulations.

As domestic manufacturers of elevators, we invite you to discover the electric elevator CIRRO "A", adaptable to your project.


CIRRO "A" is a room-less electric elevator developed and designed by ELMAS and an optimal solution for transporting people in medium-height buildings. The CE certified product is of energy class A and offers multiple advantages in operation. It provides access to an electric passenger elevator characterized by - unique design, inspiration and refinement.

Discover a product made in Romania that includes quality components and state-of-the-art monitoring, control and actuation systems.

The elevator is designed and manufactured in full accordance with the technical prescriptions and the European regulations in force.


The CIRRO A elevator was designed by ELMAS in two constructive variants:

Rated load (kg) 450 630
No. of passengers 6 8
No. of stops 4 - 10
No. of access 1

With a travel speed of 1 m/s, the CIRRO A elevator is intended for vertical transport of persons in residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, guest houses, etc.

The elevator shaft can be made of concrete or metal structure, depending on the specifications of the final application. The elevator’s service life is of 25 years, with the possibility of extending it for another 10 years (after an overhaul).


- Number of access - 1
- Automatic doors with central or lateral opening, actuated by a variable-voltage/variable-frequency (VVVF) controller
- The car walls can be made from RAL painted metal sheet (shades of choice), laminated panels, stainless steel or glass
- 1.8 high light curtain to protect landing to the car
- The call is made using buttons with luminous confirmation of the call and LCD display, from each floor or from the car
- LCD display for car position indicator, direction indicator
- Emergency light, overload device, door opening button, alarm, SED, fan
- Electrical installation made on modular, pluggable sections
- Ceiling indirectly lit by LED or fluorescent lamps
- Floor covered with rubber, tiles or marble
- Handrail made of stainless steel or wood in various constructive forms (circular, rectangular)


Car door features:

- actuated by a variable-voltage/variable-frequency (VVVF) controller
- automatic, with central or lateral opening
- made of RAL painted metal sheet (shades of choice), plated with stainless steel or glass
- provided with a system for protection against self-tightening.

Floor door features:

- automatic, with central or lateral opening, with two or four leaves
- equipped with emergency opening device
- made of RAL painted metal sheet (shades of choice), plated with stainless steel or glass plated


The CIRRO A elevator is fitted with a microprocessor and a programmable automaton control panel with integrated ELMAS software, enabling the storage of all non-compliant events of the elevator travels.

This information is available whenever maintenance works are performed and a prophylactic maintenance of the elevator can be thus ensured.

Functions of the main control panel of the room-less type electric elevator:
- allows the automatic diagnosis of the operating status of the elevator and the visualization of the events occurred by connection to the laptop (by the contractor);
- the microprocessor has a liquid crystal display for displaying information about the elevator status and the next stored calls to be performed;
- it easily provides connection to the remote surveillance system (SED) via the GSM module
- it provides full safety and it only allows the doors to be closed or the elevator to leave the stop if all safety circuits are confirmed.


The electric drive consists of a gearless winch with permanent magnets. This constructive variant allows the elevator to be assembled without the need for a room.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art electric motor with a consumption of 2.5 kW in operation and only 45 W at idle, the power consumption of the CIRRO A elevator is more than 45% lower than of older elevators.

The main features of the winch are as follows:
- compact design
- low power consumption
- short speed change time
- no shock speed change
- low noise level (<50 dB)
- easy maintenance, at low costs.


Energy efficiency

- energy consumption reduced by more than 45% due to the state-of-the-art electric drive
- high efficiency due to the up/down call picking during heavy traffic hours


- innovative design based on the room-less concept
- transport capacity increased by 40%
- perfect integration in the shafts of existing buildings


- system for remote monitoring of the installation via the SED device
- the safety devices incorporated in the elevator ensure a high degree of protection in operation
- it is fitted with an electric battery which, in case of power failure, supplies the electric motor and takes the lit car to the nearest stop, opens the doors and releases the passengers


- low noise level
- precision levelling of the cab at floors
- the drive system includes reliable components which ensure a long service life
- low maintenance costs

Optional equipment

- car or floor controls that can be restricted by magnetic cards or chips used to enter the building
- the car can be fitted with a video camera to record any inappropriate behaviour of users


We have developed a free of charge "Service Call Center" reachable from any fixed and mobile phone network.

We offer to our clients for all the elevators equipped with the SED device free of charge Service Call Centre available 24/24, 7/7, Helpline - 0800881234. The Elmas specialized teams of maintenance and service technicians are thus coordinated to respond in time. Due to the multiple functions provided by the SED remote surveillance system, the service costs are low and all requests are promptly responded.



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Service Call Center
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